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xwscrewx: there you are man
Feetalpig: word up bro
xwscrewx: i'm confused dude
xwscrewx: it seem inconsistent
Feetalpig: okay help me follow you
xwscrewx: cable's a flat fee too, but you split that up with the people that are there
xwscrewx: which i think is how it should be
Feetalpig: okay
xwscrewx: and i haven't been charged for phone before either... greg paid my share because he was subleasing for me
Feetalpig: so how should the phone go then
xwscrewx: well who was there for july?
xwscrewx: when did d, meghan, and tallchris move in?
Feetalpig: it was me and chris for the majority of july
xwscrewx: ok
xwscrewx: well if it was just you and chris you guys shouldn't get fucked by having to pay the whole thing
Feetalpig: right
xwscrewx: but chris should have to chip in too
xwscrewx: you know what i'm saying?
Feetalpig: yeah i know what you're saying and what i was thinking..
Feetalpig: was that by taking the rent money he gave me to divide among me, you, chris and billy
Feetalpig: we were gonna use that towards cent 21 utlities
Feetalpig: is that off?
xwscrewx: what's included in the c21 utils?:
Feetalpig: water ,sewage, trash
xwscrewx: ok trash and sewage are flat, but isn't water a usage deal?
Feetalpig: yeah
Feetalpig: eff
Feetalpig: okay
Feetalpig: i see your point now
xwscrewx: whew
xwscrewx: i was starting to think i was crazy
Feetalpig: okay word
Feetalpig: so heres whats happening
Feetalpig: i'm bringing home the cent 21 bill
Feetalpig: and the $120 chris gave me
Feetalpig: then we will sort it out from there
xwscrewx: ok
Feetalpig: for the time being, how do you think local phone should stand?
xwscrewx: ok my basic feeling is this... flat fees go like rent... paid for by peeps on the lease unless there's a subletter to cover the shit
xwscrewx: hence greg got me most the time
xwscrewx: but july & tallchris is wierd... because he's not particularly subletting for anyone... but he is there using the shit
xwscrewx: so he should chip in
xwscrewx: so where to put the compromise?
xwscrewx: off the bat i'm thinking, split 5 ways?
Feetalpig: yeah that works for me
Feetalpig: good call
xwscrewx: cool
Feetalpig: i'll put up a revised version now
xwscrewx: unless...
xwscrewx: unless you told chris the 120 would be flat for staying there
xwscrewx: and you wouldn't hit him with utils... in which case we should split ($utils-$120)/4
Feetalpig: i told him 120
Feetalpig: and we never mentioned utils
Feetalpig: just been like that
Feetalpig: so he might actually be asssuming that was a package
Feetalpig: i didnt even think about that
Feetalpig: eff
xwscrewx: maybe you should have a chat with him
xwscrewx: like "dude i know i said 120, but we didn't talk about utils... if you can chip in, please do, but if you were under the impression that 120 was a flat fee then i guess that's my bad and we can still go with that"
xwscrewx: or something
Feetalpig: ah word
xwscrewx: so i guess it will be either
($utils-$120)/4 or ($utils-$120-$utils/5)/4 = (4/5*$utils-$120)/4 = 1/5*$utils - $30

Feetalpig: i'm definately saving that equation
$tallchris = $120 or $120+$utils/5
$otherdudes = ($utils-$tallchris) / 4

where utils = flat rate shit that should be charged like rent

usage rate shit should be split between you, or if we're goign with flat rate for tall chris then it's even more complicated because then you should get to take a portion of that $120 that we would otherwise split evenly for usage bills

Feetalpig: damn this convo is soooo saved
xwscrewx: jhaha
xwscrewx: i guess in that case... you'd collect the $120 from chris... but the number we'd substitute for $tallchris in the other equation would be $120-$usageutils/2*x where x is the ratio of how much it's your bad that we aren't charging him usage utilities
xwscrewx: 1 being not your bad ... 2 being entirely your bad
xwscrewx: no wait
xwscrewx: 0 being entirely your bad... 1 being not your bad
Feetalpig: ah word
Feetalpig: yes yes ys
Feetalpig: thats exactly what i like
Feetalpig: dude
Feetalpig: you ar ehte man
xwscrewx: haha
xwscrewx: so you need to figure out whether chris is flat or chipping in... and then we need to decide on an x
xwscrewx: haha
Feetalpig: i'm mailing this convo to him
Feetalpig: its the easiet
Feetalpig: most direct way
xwscrewx: you know that's probably true
Feetalpig: haha