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The Solar Haus
past shows
fall 2000
Here is a list of all the shows we had during the fall of 2000, complete with flyers. Each show has a link to a hi-res file which is, when possible, the actual image file we created and printed to make the master flyer that we took to kinkos. We have provided them just in case you'd like to print your own. They aren't all perfectly sized for a page of paper, so if you do print one, be sure to use the "fit to page" or equivalent option on whatever program you're using. Enjoy.

fall 2000 finale
saturday, november 4th, 2000

end of all

torn apart was schedule to play this show,
but they broke up a couple days beforehand

hi-res flyer GIF - 100k

T.H.R.O.B. Fall 2000
saturday, october 28th, 2000

The Hard Rock Of Blacksburg
a benefit for WUVT student-run radio
90.7fm Blacksburg, VA

looks like rain
ramona forever (last show with mike lang)
horror business (misfits cover band)

saturday, october 7th, 2000

strike anywhere
for the living
flashbulb memory

interesting fact:
the lineup for this show forms a complete sentance

hi-res flyer GIF - 244k

friday september 15th, 2000

marion delgado
worn thin

friday september 1st, 2000

darkest hour
willhold (first show)

hi-res flyer GIFs (about 200k each): 1 2
the original files did not have the darkest hour logo on them.
when we made the copies, we stuck a darkest hour
sticker to the master and copied it. (we had to
white-out the shiny part so it would copy, but
that's another story).
these files have been reconstructed by scanning
one of the paper flyers, cutting out the DH logo,
cleaning it up, and adding it to the original files.

and they look damn good.