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The Solar Haus
past shows
fall 2001
Here is a list of all the shows we had during the fall of 2001, complete with flyers. Each show has a link to a hi-res file which is, when possible, the actual image file we created and printed to make the master flyer that we took to kinkos. We have provided them just in case you'd like to print your own. They aren't all perfectly sized for a page of paper, so if you do print one, be sure to use the "fit to page" or equivalent option on whatever program you're using. Enjoy.

halloween show 2001
friday, october 26th

shred of hope (first show)
input: lust (first show)

friday, october 5th, 2001

the others
brand new disaster
kill devil hills
within reach

marion delgado was forced to cancel
within reach was added at the last mintue

first show of fall 2001
monday, september 10th

strike anywhere
fairweather (happy birthday, jay)
brand new disaster

the can utility couldn't make it

special thanks to greg from radford for helping us flyer for the show