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The Solar Haus about the haus

*** the deal ***

the solar haus is a house in blacksburg, va. it is currently home to four people who are into independent music and are willing to let bands play upstairs in the living room. rentors in this house have been having shows since before we even moved to blacksburg, and we are merely carrying on the tradition.

*** how we do things ***

we do shows during the fall and the spring. there are no shows in the summer because this is a college town and there aren't enough people that stay over the summer to make a show worth having.

we have shows no closer than 2 weeks apart. our house is a duplex, and while our neighbors have been amazingly understanding, we really don't want to push it.

almost all of our shows are on weekends because not as many people would come out to a weeknight show. there's also the noise thing again.

we prefer to only have 3 or 4 bands per show. again, the noise thing.

only out-of-town bands get paid. this has been an unwritten rule of the blacksburg scene since before we got here, and we are sticking with it.

no one person in the haus is in charge of shows. all four of us have to agree before a decision can be made. while this helps keep us from getting pissed at eachother, it can really slow down our email response time. please be patient with us.

we use the german spelling of "haus" just because it's the way everyone before us has spelled it.
legend has it that it started when someone managed to stumble upon a copy of the design of the house in german on the internet.